Heloisa Bettiol

HeloisaHeloisa Bettiol

Bachelor in Medicine by College of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo (FMRP-USP) in 1980. Pediatrician at Hospital of the FMRP-USP (1983). Master degree (1990), PhD (1995) in Pediatrics by FMRP-USP. Postdoc at Kings College London (1998). Dr Bettiol is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Child Care and Pediatrics FMRP-USP. She is a renowned scientist in her field, with vast experience on Maternal and Child Health and over 200 papers published in scientific journals, cited over 2,500 times. Her main areas of interest are: human growth, perinatal epidemiology, mortality and developmental origins of health and disease.