Paulo Cezar de Freitas

PauloPaulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias

Dr Mathias obtained his PhD in Sciences (Human Physiology) by University of São Paulo in 1986. He is currently Professor at the State University of Maringa and visiting Professor at UPSP-EGALE Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais - Beauvais and Université de Lille 1, France. His works in the area human Physiology, with emphasis on Endocrine Physiology were published in over 70 scientific articles in renowned venues. Dr Mathias has also interacted with over 170 researchers in the co-authorship of scientific papers. In his Lattes curriculum often keywords of his publications include: rats, obesity, insulin secretion, MSG, lactation, pancreatic islets, protein malnutrition, glucose, catecholamine and mice.